"The Bangles reinforce that there are few things more fun than British Invasion-inspired, California sunshine drenched power pop. The band shines with its blend of harmonies, but the musical prowess of Vicki Peterson, her drumming and singing sister Debbi, and guitarist and singer Susanna Hoffs is equally strong.From the great fuzzy guitar riff of ‘In Your Room’ to the Beatles-esque vibe of the new material on SWEETHEART OF THE SUN, The Bangles burn bright in the summer night.”


On their 2011 album, SWEETHEART OF THE SUN, the Bangles once again prove why they're the undisputed queens of 60's-inspired garage rock.  Combining their trademark crystalline harmonies with jangling guitar riffs, bandmembers Susanna Hoffs, Vicki Peterson, and Debbi Peterson  remind everyone why the Bangles career has lasted so long.

The 12 tracks on SWEETHEART OF THE SUN pay homage to the band's shared love of 60's-era music, running the gamut from songs written together during the recording process to gems tucked away by the bandmembers for years, and featuring a pair of covers that exemplify the band's confirmed affinity with the golden age of rock.

Recorded by Matthew Sweet and featuring contributions from longtime bangles keyboard player Greg “Harpo” Hilfman, bassist Derrick Anderson, and string wizard Greg Leisz, SWEETHEART OF THE SUN has a more unified theme than many past Bangles albums - dealing strongly with the hidden underbelly of life in sunny So-Cal, and exploring the bandmembers' personal journeys as wives, mothers, and musicians.