With the enduring appeal of their unique blend of ’60s folk rock and sunny SoCal harmonies, the Bangles - Susanna Hoffs, Debbi Peterson, and Vicki Peterson - are recognized by fans, critics, and rock historians as one of the greatest all-female bands to ever grace the charts. 

As the first all-female band to top Billboard’s #1 for four weeks in a row, platinum-selling icons the Bangles dominated the ‘80s

with memorable hits including Walk Like an Egyptian, Eternal Flame, Manic Monday, and Hazy Shade of Winter.

From the band’s beginnings in LA’s Paisley Underground scene to their reign as 80's pop-rock princesses, to today's

sold-out concerts, the Bangles are rocking, recording, and touring for a whole new generation of fans.


The Bangles are proud to announce their new release LADIES AND GENTLEMEN...THE BANGLES! -  a brand new download-only album featuring all the tracks from their first-ever EP, plus a carefully curated collection of 80's-era rarities, demos, vintage live recordings, and more!  LADIES AND GENTLEMEN...THE BANGLES! is a garage-rockin' trip in time back to the days when the band first hit the scene, and started their upward journey to stardom! All tracks are fully re-mastered and ready to download to your favorite device!